Pro Class: $40
First Class: $30
Second Class: $20
Third Class and After: $20
Pit Pass: $15


Adult General Admission: $8
Kids General Admission: $5
Family Pass General Admission $25


Camping is $10 per Night
No Drinking in the Pits!!! ZERO TOLERANCE!
Only Vehicles Hauling Bikes Allowed in the Pits!
Family Friendly Event!


Rules are made to keep riders, spectators, and staff safe.
It is our goal to run a clean, professional, and family friendly program.  Because we are on a tight schedule we need your cooperation in being ready for your race, coming straight up to the starting line, and not doing any burn-outs.
Below are the rules.  As usual, the Referee has the final say in ALL Calls.

2 Practices per bike!  Anyone caught going out for extra practices will start their heat on the back row!
No Drinking in the Pits!  Offenders will be asked to leave.
No Burn Outs or Practice Starts---You will be sent to the back row!
2 Riders down in turn 1 = Red Flag Complete Restart
Anyone involved in a Red Flag during the race will be sent to the back row.
You cannot switch bikes in the middle of the race.  If you switch bikes from a heat to a main you must start on the back row!
No parents on the track during the race.
If you Sign-Up Late you will automatically start your heat race from the 2nd Row---Call Amy at (425) 314-2744 if you are going to be late or have someone else sign you up!
Kill Chords Required for ALL quads.  There will be random checks.
We will only hold a race if there is someone in staging with their hand up---We will hold the race for 2 minutes
Pro's will have their own Practice
Pro's will pick their spot on the line for the main event
There will be no "playing possum"---any rider, young or old, that goes down and chooses to lay on the track until a red flag is thrown will be sent to the penalty row, receive a warning, and on the next offense will be disqualified
To:404 Alaska Street
Rainier, WA 98576
Number and Street: